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Personalized Hair Care | Lanserhof // Advertisement

„Energy Coding“ – a new innovative science by System Professional. What is behind the mysterious expression? I will explain it in the following blogpost and take you through my day with System Professional (in form of a little diary). I hope you will enjoy it!

        Arrival at the Lanserhof

We arrived at the Lanserhof, one of the best Wellness hotels in the world. I was super happy that suprisingly also Natascha (@emitaz), a friend from Barcelona, attended the event! When we entered the hotel, I really felt calm and positive energy (rare moment for me haha). They welcomed us with friuts and detox tea – super duper healthy!

Penal discussion

After a little introduction, the penal discussion with Mr. Biot, Poppy Delevigne, Chloe Delevigne and R&D started. I learned a lot about the science behind System Professional and „Energy Coding“:

Since every person has a different type of hair, it needs an individual hair care. By diagnosing the personal hair energy profile, the new proccess „Energy Coding“ can find a solution (YOUR individual enegry code) out of 174 million possible combinations.

Firstly the approach really impressed me –i think its a big step for the beauty industry!  Finally I could find the perfect combination of products, that suit my personal needs! I always struggled between choosing the right Shampoo/Conditionor/Mask, because my hair is it all:  fine, damaged and coloured haha!

The team presented the System Professional „LuxeOil“ series :

Personalized Energy Coding session

After the discussion and all the information about the proccess, I was absolutely curious to find out more about my own energy code. Everyone of us had the chance to talk to a hair specialist. In the session we speaked about my „hair issues“ and I was sure, that there would be now solution for me haha. But TADAAAA the system also found a solution for me!

My energy code is the following:

S1 – Smoothen Shampoo + R2 – Repair Conditioner + L4 – Reconstructive Elixir + X4L – Liquid Hair + B5 – Balance Lotion

System Treatment

After I got my personal code, the best part was about to start! The treatment (which included also a quite long head & neck & hand massage) was super relaxing (as you can see in the picture – I was sooooo happy haha). My hair really felt better after the treatment. I really want to focus more on my hair care!!! I need to admit, that I was really lazy in the past (always used different shampoos, no treatment masks etc). I never had a routine! But now I really want to try to follow the advices and use the  products – to restore my hair! Fingers crossed!

xx Caro

After my hair treatment on the terrace:

The lovely global ambassadors Chloe and Poppy Delevigne:

In cooperation with System Professional (Advertisement/Anzeige).

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  1. Das hört sich wirklich interessant und sehr vielversprechend für die Zukunft an. Ich bin gespannt, ob du mit deiner neuen Pflege Erfolge erzielst!
    Ich muss gestehen, dass ich meinen Haaren auch nicht genug Aufmerksamkeit schenke… an sich sind sie sehr gesund, dick und lang, aber gerade weil ich nie wirklich Probleme mit ihnen hatte, greife ich, wenn mein Schampoo und Conditioner alle sind, zu denen meiner Mama… für colouriertes Haar! Was das angeht bin ich leider ein bisschen zu faul neue zu kaufen.
    Ich wünsche dir ein wunderbares Wochenende!
    Alles Liebe,

  2. Sehr schöner Post Caro, das sieht & hört sich alles sehr schön an, Tolle Produkte!

    Und sehr schöne Fotos mal wieder ! : )

    – xx

  3. Süße Foto-Serie deines Besuchs und der Pflege-Beratung Caro!
    Ich hoffe es hat dir geholfen?

    Hast du übrigens schon gewusst, dass das Schlafen auf einem Seidenkissenbezug, die Haare schont? Ich bin inzwischen so vernarrt in das Material, dass ich mir gerade erst einen süßen Seiden-Pyjama gegönnt habe, denn du im neuen Blogbeitrag auf JULIE EN ROSE siehst:

    Liebe Grüße,
    Veronika Julia | JULIE EN ROSE

  4. This treatment is so great! I wish that I can experience this amazing meeting. So that’s so wonderful when has the specialist tell you what your hair needs right now.
    Anh || ontrend

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