DKMS is an international non-profit organization whose goal is to give as many blood cancer patients worldwide as possible a second chance at life. It was founded in Germany in 1991 by Dr. Peter Harf and has since ensured that more and more patients receive a life-saving stem cell donation.  More than 11.5 million potential donors are registered with the DKMS, and to date the organization has arranged more than 100,000 stem cell donations. In addition to Germany, DKMS is active in the USA, Poland, the UK, Chile, India and South Africa.  

Through international projects and aid programs, DKMS provides even more people worldwide with access to a life-saving therapy. In addition, DKMS is involved in the fields of medicine, science and research to improve patients’ chances of recovery. In its high-performance laboratory, the DKMS Life Science Lab, the organization sets global standards for the typing of potential stem cell donors in order to find the perfect match for a transplant.